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With a first model introduced in 2010, FR-range has been extended to 3 models plus a large number of options to match the diversity of traffic speed enforcement scenarios.

Clear images 24 hours/day and 365 days/year

FR-range flash devices emit high intensity light equivalent to bright sunshine at 35 meters with FR80 and 15 meters for FR20. Consequently, whatever ambient light conditions – variable day light, backlighting, windshield reflection or atmospheric backscattering, images captured are well exposed at a reproducible high quality.

Controlled light intensity

FR-range flash devices offer the capability to make sequences of images –up to 8 shots within a hundredth of second with the FR80 – and the embedded microcontroller manages light intensity so that images are always constantly and properly exposed.

FR-range flash devices can also take into account scenarios where light intensity must be adapted from one shot to the other, either pre-set – typically for red-light scenario – or dynamically selected.

Simple and easy integration

Phoxene 12V flash devices are very compact and upon requirements all models can be proposed either with or without a metal housing, with or without color filters and with or without light intensity adjustment feature