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Flash tube for Profoto Proheads – Extended lifespan

308,00 Excl.Taxes

Phoxene flash tube compatible with Profoto Pro6, Pro7, et Pro Heads.

On request

SKU: 870U

IMPORTANT NOTE: This flashtube was compatible with all Profoto generators up to Pro8. On June 2017, Phoxene designed a new Heavy-Duty flashtube, labeled 1038U. This new flashtube is able to withstand the specific electrical features of Pro10 generators – Our item #1038U is then compatible with all Pro generators, from Pro6 to Pro10.

Hence, our item #870 is outmatched by this new #1038U flashtube – and we decided to remove it from our open catalog.

From now, if you wish a Heavy-Duty flashtube for your Proheads, or if your generator is a Pro8 or a Pro10, please use our item #1038U


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