Phoxene manufactures and delivers strobes and flash devices worldwide

Phoxene has designed products to deal with the complexity and diversity of photo enforcement applications. High-performance flash devices make a crucial difference when capturing short to long distance images, as well as with visible or infrared light, multi-lanes, and multi-shots captures.

A Phoxene flash to address all photo enforcement scenarios

The flash is a key enabler allowing enforcement system to address all situations:

Long reach

→ a powerful flash

Variable ambient light conditions

→  dynamic flash intensity setting

Large crossing

→  extended beam size

Red-light enforcement

→  2 successive shots at 2 different flash intensity levels

Multi-lane highway

→  light intensity adapted to each lane

Fast, close together, following cars

→  fast flash sequences

Vision-friendly flash

  flash equipped with red or infra-red qualified filters

A Phoxene flash to reduce traffic enforcement system costs

Especially designed for red-light and speed enforcement, Phoxene devices are competitive in terms of unit, total system acquisition and ownership costs

With a powerful Phoxene flash  a medium-priced and average sensitivity camera is enough, consequently the cost of the imaging sub-assembly is reduced
12V Phoxene flash devices have a low power consumption
Phoxene flash devices have demonstrated remarkable field-proven reliability

Photo enforcement applications : XENON versus LED

At equal light power, Xenon flash is 5 times cheaper and twice smaller than LED’s
LED’s lifespan is greater than Xenon ‘s one, but with more than 100 000 shots lifespan a Xenon flash is largely sufficient for photo enforcement applications