Thanks to its deep expertise on flash technologies Phoxene has developed custom-specific products for various applications.




Phoxene has developed a range of solutions for disinfection and decontamination with UV Flash. Phoxene designs and manufactures OEM modules to be integrated into professional equipment for applications such as catering, food industry or bio-med. The Phoxene UV Flash technology leads to compact and design-to-cost modules with a proven microbiological disinfection effect.

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Phoxene has developed very high power illuminators to generate thermal pulses on a material allowing thermographic analysis. The adjustable power and energy associated with various beam geometry make the Phoxene solutions optimal for industrial and R&D centers.

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Phoxene flash illuminators are embedded on an imaging system allowing farmers to monitor the need for nutrients and fertilizers. Thanks to the very high light intensity, short pulses but also compact design and 12V power supply, the Phoxene flashes can be safely and easily mounted on tractors. Much more powerful than LED’s illuminators and available in red or infrared version, Phoxene flash is a optimal solution for precision farming applications.

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Phoxene provides flash unit to the leisure and entertainment industry allowing world class imagery capture. Whatever the ambient light level, its powerful and intensity-adjustable light, optimized beam light and multi-shots capability make the Phoxene flash an optimal solution to create amazing and valuable pictures.

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