Phoxene: Xenon and LED strobes manufacturer

Phoxene LED Xenon Flash Strobe

For over 30 ans, PHOXENE has enriched its know-how in the design, manufacture and sale of high power flash strobes / pulsed light equipements. PHOXENE offers a wide range of xenon and LED flash strobes designed to produce short pulses of very high power illumination for markets such as: Traffic enforcement, machine vision, precision farming, amusement parks, non destructive testing, pulsed light sterilization, hyperspectral imaging and photography.

Xenon flash strobe

When dealing with short and powerful flash, xenon technologie is mandatory. Even if xenon flash tube efficiency is lower than LEDs’, Phoxene’s Xenon technology can provide a much higher amount of light, including over long distances. With a long experience in implementing xenon flash tubes, Phoxene offers robust, reliable and long-life flash equipements.

LED flash strobe

For certain areas requiring low or medium power flashes at high rates, LED technology is a credible alternative to xenon. Its better energy efficiency coupled with a very good lifespan of the LEDs make it a technology particularly suitable for many short distance applications. Phoxene has used all the experience acquired with xenon technology to develop a powerful, reliable and compact pulsed LED architecture.

Our solutions

Whatever your application, Phoxene will be able to advise you and offer you pulsed light equipment that meets your needs.