Phoxene: Xenon Strobe Manufacturer


xenon strobe manufacturer

For over 25 years, Phoxene has enriched its know-how in the design, manufacture and sale of xenon strobes. For short pulses of very high-power illumination, our technology is clearly the designated technology. We have developed 3 technological platforms to address the needs of its customers : Sharp for optimal control of light emission, Felin for powerful and repetitive pulses, Pulse for IR and UV pulsed light. From these technological platforms we offer commercial products and can design custom-specific solutions.


xenon strobe manufacturer industrial

Phoxene supports equipment manufacturers seeking for robust, reliable and long lifespan strobe solutions. We offer a range of off-the-shelf products especially designed for Machine Vision, Traffic Control, Pulsed Light Sterilization, Hyper Spectral Imaging, Amusement Park and Photography. We are also used to designing custom solutions to address specific requirements of equipment manufacturers.


xenon strobe worldwide

Phoxene exports over 70% of its production and has the experience of commercial relationships with customers based in Asia, Middle-East, Europe and Americas.