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Pulsed Light Sterilization and UV Strobe solutions

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For more than 25 years, Phoxene has been designing and manufacturing Xenon strobes for various applications. In 2015 Phoxene initiated an R&D project targeting sterilization by compact pulsed light sources. Phoxene offers OEM solutions to equipment manufacturers in the industry and more specifically in the food industry, bio-pharma and cosmetics. Phoxene’s design team masters pulsed light technology and offers its customers devices that are perfectly tailored to their needs.

Pulsed Light Sterilization

Pulsed Light Sterilization Technology

Pulsed light sterilization technology has been around for many years, but its transfer to industrial applications is recent. It consists in the input of a light energy of extended spectrum from UV-C to near IR in a very short time (<1ms). The effectiveness of the decontamination phenomenon results from the emission at very high levels of instantaneous power of destructive wavelengths for microorganisms (bacteria in vegetative but also sporulated form, molds, yeasts, viruses).

pulsed light sterilization


Several technologies can meet industrial requirements for hygiene and decontamination but pulsed uv technology has many advantages:

  • – Instantaneity: It decontaminates in a very short time andis perfectly adapted to industrial processes.
  • – Efficacy: It leads to reductions greater than 3 log on strains such as Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli or fungi and thus meets the hygiene requirements of industrial processes.
  • – Athermic: Thanks to the short supply of energy, the surface material is not affected.
  • – Eco-friendly: It decontaminates any surface free of solid stains. This technology reduces the use of chemicals and the associated costs of purchasing and recycling.

Sterilization for industry

pulsed light sterilization food industry

Microbial decontamination in food industry

Creating microbiologically-safe food with an acceptable shelf-life and quality for the consumer is a constant challenge for the food industry. Pulsed UV light (ultraviolet) is a novel technology, which offers effective inactivation of pathogens on the food surfaces in very short periods of time. It does not involve chemicals and is safer and more efficient than conventional continuous UV light. Pulsed light sterilization of food was approved by FDA in 1999. It is particularly indicated to decontaminate smooth surfaces, such as those of food packaging materials: food containers, bottle caps, lids, preformed yoghurt pots.

pulsed light sterilization pharmaceutical packaging

Sterilization of pharmaceutical packaging

As quality and stability of medications continue to increase, the interactions that take place between the primary packaging container and filled drug product are becoming increasingly important. Pulsed light sterilization technology can be integrated in manufacturing line for aseptic processing of medical devices or drug containers.

pulsed light sterilization process water

Decontamination of industrial process water

The treatment of industrial process water is essential and meets strict standards. Pulsed light is an effective and inexpensive alternative to the use of chemicals and solves the problem of the generation of degradation by-products.

pulsed light sterilization agricultural seeds

Decontamination of agricultural seeds

Seeds are a vector for spreading plant diseases. Control of these seed-borne diseases involves treatments with either chemicals or hot water. In order to comply with increasingly stringent biological standards and maintain acceptable levels of germination rate, pulsed light appears as a promising technology: inexpensive, fast and easy to use.


Phoxene designs and manufactures pulsed UV strobes

With its technical expertise in the design of xenontubes and strobes, Phoxene offers efficient solutions for pulsed light sterilization. Phoxene offers equipment manufacturers the capability to adapt a pulsed light module according to their needs: surface to be treated, strains to eliminate, cadence …

DLP-lab, Phoxene product for Sterilization

Phoxene offers a compact bench-top solution ideal for private or public research laboratories.

Reliability of microbiological testing from Phoxene

To test the decontaminant effects of its UV Flash technology, Phoxene relies on Bactup, an independent company with microbiological Expertise. Bactup is specialized in detection, analysis, conservation and production of microbial strains for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Cosmetics industries.

DLP-line, Phoxene OEM solutions for Decontamination

Phoxene offers its expertise to design and manufacture pulsed light for equipment manufacturers involved in decontamination or sterilization processes within industries such as food, pharmaceutical, medical devices, water treatment, …

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