Sx-1: Stabilized Xenon Flash Strobe

stabilized strobe sx 1

The Sx-1, based on the Sharp platform, has a high stability (<5%) in light emission over the entire life of the flash unit. It addresses primarily machine vision applications where LEDs cannot compete – i.e. very short exposure times and color rendering.

Luminance stability%< 5 over 1 million shots
Color stability%< 8 over 1 million shots
Maximum repetition rateHz10
Pulse durationµs< 60
Rising timeµs10 +/- 2 us
Energy per shotJ2.5
Input voltageV12
Lamp lifespanShot30 Millions
Average powerW45
DimensionsmmH 83 x W 120 x L 155
Trigger modeCMOS/TTL – Isolated – DC
Power & Trigger connectorSubD 9
Interface connectorUSB

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