DLP-360 : Pulsed UV decontamination of closed spaces

DLP-360 Décontamination UV pulsés de salles et espaces clos
DLP-360 is available as an OEM version – optical and electronic modules to be integrated – or as a handy and light trolley version. Within minutes of treatment, DLP-360 reduces the risk of contamination in confined spaces such as hospital rooms or ambulances.
Standard illuminated areacm2100
Maximum fluenceJ/cm22
Minimum fluenceJ/cm20.4
Energy adjustment step (set through USB interface)J/cm20.1
Homogeneity%+/- 15
UV-c proportion%10
Maximum flash frequencyHz1
Electronic unit
Power SupplyV90 – 264 AC
DimensionsmmH 188,5 x W 443,4 x L 304,4
Remote optical head
DimensionsmmH 120 x W 150 x L 120
Cable length to electronic unitm1
Integrated air cooled devices
Optical head support for testing, with UV-safe enclosureOptional
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