Fx-2: Compact Xenon Strobe for Burst

compact xenon strobe fx2

The Fx-2 is the smallest declination of the Felin platform. Despite its compact size it is able to perform burst shots with enough energy to cover medium range illumination. (15 to 25m)

Standard beam angles11° x 36°
Extended beam angles in option20° x 36°
Narrowed beam angles in option8° x 32°
On-request beam anglesup to 50° x 80°
Pulse durationµs300
Default Guide Number at 100 ISOf-stop.metre40
Distance for well exposed picture, 400 ISO, f2.8m28
Max. number of shots in a 50Hz burst before recharge3
Max. number of shots in a 1Hz burst before recharge10
Maximum repetition rate, 24/24h at 25°CHz0.75
Minimum time between shotsms10
Number of energy levels accessible thru triggers2
Option: Monitoring and Control interface
Option:Energy adjustment interface
Option:Back panel switch for energy adjustment
Option : Light colour Red or Infrared
Overall dimensions (l x w x h) with stainless steel casingmm162 x 140 x 102
Supply voltageV12
Maximum conversion powerW66
Idle consumptionW< 2

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