Industrial Flash Strobe: The Felin Platform for Burst

PHOXENE: Felin plateform

Platform Felin was launched in 2016. This new platform is based upon over 10 years of know-how in design of high performance Xenon strobes. The Felin-based flash units are particularly designed to allow image capture in challenging situations:

  • – Fast repeating bursts, either to capture multiple images on one single frame, or to freeze high-speed objects on multiple successive frames.
  • – Long distance shots, up to above 35 meters.

This Felin platform powers two on-the-shelf products:

  • The Fx-1 is the most powerful declination of the Felin platform. It can handle flash burst, even at high energy thanks to its substantial reserve of energy.
  • The Fx-2 is the smallest declination of the Felin platform. Despite its compact size it is able to perform burst shots with enough energy to cover medium range illumination (15 to 25m).

Discharge control is the key to burst flashes

industrial flash strobe burst flashes

A discharge control technology is implemented in Felin Xenon flash units, with partial discharge of capacitors at each shot. This partial discharge allows multiple successive shots without the need to recharge the capacitors between two shots, thus allowing a very fast repetition rate for a limited number of shots.

Very high burst frequency, even at high energy

Felin strobes allow bursts of high power flashes with a repetition rate of 1 kHz. Image capture of fast-moving objects is thus made possible under a very high illumination power. With Felin devices, strobe recharge does not interfere with image capture process.

Energy is adjustable for each flash in a burst

The discharge control technology implemented in Felin Xenon flash units allows an instant control over each individual flash in a burst, even if they are close-by in time. This way, each individual flash in a burst can be set to one particular energy level. For example, this allows the capture of two individual images very close-by in time, one strongly exposed to illuminate dark surfaces, and the other one lightly exposed for clear or reflective surfaces.

Long range illumination thanks to an outstanding optical system

industrial flash strobe beam

Flash units from Felin platform excel for illumination at long distance, enabling image capture at distances up to 35 meters and above.

Felin flash units are fitted with a high-performance optical system based on multiple technologies:

  • – A controlled electrical discharge which maintains optimal electrical parameters in the flashlamp over the entire flash duration.
  • – A Xenon flashlamp tailored specifically for the Felin platform by the best flashlamps manufacturers, with a very high specific efficacy.
  • – An innovative reflector system able to strongly focus emitted light with minimal loss.

With these technologies, the Felin flash units can illuminate a subject efficiently for image capture at a distance up to 35 meters with 60J energy only, where a competitor would need 600J.

Smart Xenon flash units

An RS232 interface allows multiple settings in the Felin flash units, as well as their live monitoring.

industrial flash strobe fx

For smart bursts of flashes

This interface allows sequences arrangements otherwise impossible, with an assortment of choices in energy and timing of each single flash independently, in a series of 2 to 4 individual flashes. Thus, up to 4 individual flashes with individually pre-selected energy levels and timing can be triggered from one single signal sent to the flash unit.

For an energy level adjusted to the task to perform

Up to 16 energy levels can be selected using the Felin smart interface, in order to address the needs of multiple case uses regarding ambient light.

For remote monitoring

The RS232 interface allows remote monitoring of a Felin flash unit, with data such as:

  • – status of the latest emitted flash (energy, capacitor voltage, temperature)
  • – total trigger counts of the flash unit
  • – capacitor voltage at rest (after recharge).

The Felin Flash Strobes