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Pulsed Light Generator: The Pulse Platform

PHOXENE launch the PULSE platform

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After 2 years of R&D work, in 2018 Phoxene launched the PULSE platform. This electronic platform brings a solution to applications where a high energy density is required in the UV/visible/IR, such as:

  • – Pulsed light sterilization with a high UV density.
  • – Non-Destructive-Testing by thermal pulses.

The PULSE platform comes in 2 product versions:

  • DLP-Lab, made-up of a bench generator and a split optical head (standard or custom-made).
  • DLP-Line, which is a modular OEM version capable to meet various industrial needs.

DLP-lab: pulsed light in a compact and budget-friendly format

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DLP-lab is the most compact and budget-friendly strobe for high-power pulses. It is fitted with an “OEM” optical head able to be integrated in any industrial setting.

Powered by the mains under a power of 600W, and operated by a PC through a mere USB cable, the DLP-lab can address an area of 100cm² by default with a fluence as high as 2J/cm². Thanks to a constant voltage technology, energy settings can range from 0,1J/cm² to 2J/cm² with minimal impact on the emission spectrum.

Ozone Free emission (as an option) is made possible through special lamps filtering the low UVC.

The optical head can be adapted to deal with different standard surfaces:

  • – 50cm² with a fluence higher than 3J /cm²
  • – 200cm² with a fluence of 1J/cm²

DLP-line: An OEM pulsed light strobe for low to average rate of fire

The PULSE platform and the DLP-line product have been made from the ground-up with 2 goals in mind:

  • – Simplicity :
    • o To cut costs and place pulsed light within financial reach of smaller industries
    • o To ease its implementation in many industrial environments
  • – Modularity : to fit multiple applications

For that purpose, the PULSE platform is based on many innovations by Phoxene.

A triple-lamp split optical head

The PULSE platform split optical head is made to easily adapt to various surfaces. It is able to operate as many lamps as needed to cover small surfaces as well as larger surfaces. As an example, 3 lamps are needed to cover an area of 100cm² with a fluence of 2J/cm².

pulsed light generator optical head

Air cooled pulsed light

While most Pulsed Light solutions on the market resort to water-cooling the lamps subject to fast repetition rates, Phoxene favored simplicity with air-cooling. With Phoxene’s design, air –cooling ensures a higher reliability in operation and an easier access to the lamps for their replacement, compared to a design based on water-cooling.

A compact electronic unit

The PULSE platform electronic bloc is based on Phoxene’s know-how in designing compact flash units.

The use of a voltage much lower than that of competing gear reduce both insulation constraints and design costs. With this low voltage, Phoxene show its know-how with a very high efficiency in the lamps supply and a spectrum ideal for UV uses as well as tunable for IR uses.

The PULSE platform is made up of multiple “4U format” electronic blocks, each which operates a lamp and its cooling, and all of them can communicate together to balance and synchronize their actions. This is the default DLP-Line operation mode, but custom operating modes can be implemented.

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The Pulse Flash Strobes