Phoxene DLP: Pulsed Light Sterilization in a compact and cost-effective format

After a couple of years of Research and Development, Phoxene unveils its first platform dedicated to pulsed light sterilization: the DLP.

The “DLP-Lab” is the first product built on DLP platform, and addresses laboratory applications. DLP-Lab is the most compact and cost-effective Pulsed Light Sterilization tool on the market. It is made up of a bench generator connected to an “OEM” optical head which can be incorporated in laboratory devices.

pulsed light generator dlp

Powered by the mains under a power of 600W, and operated by a PC through a mere USB cable, the DLP-lab can address an area of 100cm² by default with a fluence as high as 2J/cm². Thanks to a constant voltage technology, energy settings can range from 0,4J/cm² to 2J/cm² with minimal impact on the emission spectrum.

A “DLP-Line” variant will be issued during the second semester of 2018. It is designed to be an OEM module for medium-cadence (<1Hz) sterilization in a variety of industrial devices.

The advantages of a DLP-Line are:

  • – a compact design of the electronic generator and optical head, for easy integration
  • – an multi-lamp optical design easily adaptable to treat surfaces of different sizes
  • – a cost-effective solution for medium-cadence uses
  • – a high efficiency device, with optimal UV emission.

For more information: DLP