For over 25 years, the biggest photographic studios worldwide have replaced their original flash tubes with the Lumix ones.

The range of products Lumix offers are developed and designed by our own team then manufactured by carefully chosen companies. We aim at offering the best consumer satisfaction in terms of quality & price. Phoxene only works with long established reputable companies to produce premium quality tubes. Once manufactured, Phoxene mounts the tubes to connectors if necessary, and then test each one individually.

We cannot divulge the names of our manufacturing partners, but be assured that these companies are at the edge of Xenon tubes technology. Phoxene would never accept to work with ‘low-cost’ tube manufacturers.

For your information the amount of tubes produced does not allow mass production. Only highly specialised operators can hand-make them.

Lumix tubes are designed to match the electrical specifications of the original models. The lighting effect is similar and each tube is tested at least once on Phoxene’s premises before being shipped to customers.