As LEDs can sometime surpass Xenon in particular cases, Phoxene launch their first range of LED Flash devices.

Sx-LED-S, specifically optimized for pulsed mode, is the most compact LED flash device available on the market:

  • – 2000W and above during pulse in Single pulse mode
  • – 800W during pulse, up to 20Hz in Continuous pulsed mode (fast repetition or stroboscopic)
  • – Pulse duration adjustable from a few microseconds to a few milliseconds
  • – 10V to 30V supply voltage
  • – 30W maximum consumption thanks to a buffer energy storage
  • – RS-485 Modbus Interface for configuration and diagnostics
  • – IP67 protection for most demanding environments

Available in Infrared version or in White version, Sx-LED-S is particularly suited to:

  • – Close-distance traffic control
  • – Industrial Machine Vision requiring intense lighting
  • – Drone uses, with minimal power consumption, and weight below 350g in OEM (no casing)

For more information: Sx-LED-S